Destiny: Rise of Iron To Introduce Two Different Playable Versions Of Gjallarhorn

Destiny New Snap 1

Bungie’s Eric Osborne has provided an interesting detail about the upcoming Destiny expansion called Rise of Iron. The expansion, it has been revealed right from the original announcement, will witness the return of Gjallarhorn, one of the most iconic weapons ever created in video games history.

Destiny: Rise of Iron Gjallarhorn

Anyway, that weapon, it has been said, is being provided as part of the pre-order offer. For those gamers who will pre-order Rise of Iron, it will be necessary to complete a specific quest and, at the end of it, they will receive an Iron version of Gjallarhorn.

So Gjallarhorn is also being provided in other version, an Iron version, which is now confirmed to be a separate equiparable weapon than the regular Gjallarhorn – it’s not like it will be available through skins/shaders, it’s a true weapon other than the base one.

Destiny: Rise of Iron will feature a brand new campaign expanding upon the story of the original Destiny, more enemies, weapons and raids, when it releases on September 20.