Destiny: Rise of Iron’s New Gjallarhorn: Dev Explains How Players Can Get It, Also Confirms New Exotics

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Things are perfectly set up for the launch of “Rise of Iron” DLC for Destiny. This might be the final update for Destiny before the launch of Destiny 2 in 2017 and Bungie is leaving no stone unturn to draw as much attention as they can to Rise of Iron DLC. In a recent interview, Destiny: Rise of Iron Producer Scott Taylor shared lot of interesting new details on Storyline, new Gjallarhorn, unreleased Exotics and many other things.

Destiny: Rise of Iron

When asked what it will take for players to get their hands on to the new Gjallarhorn? Scott replied that they have to complete a HARD QUEST. Here is the full statement of Scott on this topic:

“With Gjallarhorn especially coming back we want people to be able to get it, but it’s going to be, you know, you’re going to play a quest to get it, and it’s hard! It’s a hard quest. It’s worthy of—you know, you want it to be—you want the rewards to match the effort. That’s a goal. Are we talking Black Spindle hard? [pauses] Black Spindle—I really loved that.”

On the topic of Rise of Iron Storyline, Scott stated that Destiny players are going to find out more about “what happened to the Iron Lords”.

Additionally, Scott also confirmed that apart from Gjallarhorn, there will be other Exotics as well in Rise of Iron, however, Gjallarhorn is the only one they will be talking about right now.

“The only exotic we’re talking about now is Gjallarhorn. There’s going to be new exotics that come out, but we’re going to talk about those later. New exotics that people don’t know about? There are new exotics that no one has ever seen or heard of, yes.”

Destiny: Rise of Iron is scheduled to launch on September 20 only for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.