Destiny: Week Four, Xur Agent of Nine’s Location And Items Revealed

Destiny New Snap 2

Destiny’s Xur: Agent of Nine’s location for Week 4 has been revealed. For those who are unaware of, he is an exotic and legendary item vendor and makes an appearance weekly from Friday to Sunday.


Players won’t get much time before Xur disappears, so make sure you guys make use have farmed enough Strange Coins and Motes of Light. The requirements for buying something via Strange Coins are listed below:

“23 strange coins to purchase an exotic weapon, 13 strange coins for an armour, and 23 Motes of Light to purchase an exotic engram.” Right now he is in Vanguard Room and items currently available are:

“Helm of Saint 14 (exotic helmet for Titan class), Achylophage symbiote (exotic helmet for Hunter class), Sunbreakers (exotic gauntlets for the Warlock class) for 13 Strange Coins and Red Death for 23 Strange coins

You guys can check out the information about the Weapons here