Detroit: Become Human Dev David Cage Both Fascinated and Worried About Virtual Reality

Detroit: Become Human

Quantic Dream’s David Cage is one of the most brilliant creative minds in the world of gaming, and one you should carefully listen to when expressing some opinions about the upcoming technologies and trends involving video games. He recently spoke his mind about virtual reality, saying he’s fascinated but also worried about its outcome.

Detroit Become Human

Cage also recalled, as an example of how much he believes in virtual reality, about a Heavy Rain’s character which is remembered for his use of such devices.

“[VR] is a fascinating thing. If you remember in Heavy Rain there was this character called Jaden and he could wear glasses and suddenly his office would turn into the desert or another planet. It’s very interesting cause what we imagined we see it becoming real now. Very soon you’ll be able to have Jaden’s glasses at home, and of course everything happening around VR is also very interesting. All this is fascinating.

You can always wonder whether technology does something good for us or not. You know, I was shocked, I was in a restaurant, you’ve all seen this before, but you see a family with the father, the mother and the two kids and they all have their mobile phone and instead of talking together they’re all checking their phones. And you can ask the same question with the social networks. Are they really a good thing for mankind or not? I don’t have the answer. I don’t know. I’m just saying each time a new technology is coming we should really ask ourselves is it a good thing? How should we use it? Where does it lead us? That’s one of the many questions we try to ask, not answer, but ask in Detroit.”

Quantic Dream’s upcoming game, Detroit: Become Human, is still lacking a release date, despite being showed off at E3 2016. We’ll probably learn more about it next year and possibly hear of a PlayStation VR support at that stage.