New Detroit: Become Human trailer paints a morose scene of domestic abuse


Quantic Dream’s upcoming adventure game Detroit: Become Human was announced back in 2015, and we’ve seen a whole lot more of it this year. 

Following an explosive E3 2017 trailer, a brand new clip was shown off during Paris Games Week 2017 during Sony’s gaming showcase. Introducing the android Kara, the same character previously used during the 2012 Quantic Dream tech demo, it recounts a brief tale of domestic abuse between a young girl named Alice and her father Todd. 

The footage depicts the android Kara waiting on the family in a subservient manner, taking care of the menial household chores while Todd insults, curses at, and even flips over tables at poor little Alice. He becomes so angry at some point that he chases after Alice, who’s run upstairs in fear, with a belt. 

We see little Alice being laid gingerly in her bed, presumably after Todd has beaten her to his sick satisfaction as Kara looks on. As Kara, players must choose to protect Alice or take another course of action in order to make things right. It’s a heart-wrenching scene that ends in the trailer with Todd being shot by what we believe is Alice, but the trailer ends there. 

There are several different story threads just like this that you’ll be able to pick up on and put together as you play through the game, but this is no doubt one of the most emotional so far, especially when you think about how long this kind of abuse must have been going on between Todd and daughter Alice. 

It’s a gripping few minutes that paint a picture of what to expect from the game when it drops for PlayStation 4 in spring 2018, the first we’ve heard of any proposed release date. In the meantime, you can always play through Quantic Dream’s prior games Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls, both with similarly difficult situations to navigate.