Dev Addresses Lords of the Fallen Preview Issues: Slow Player Movement, Experience Point, Death, 15-50 Hours Gameplay


CI Games via YouTube has finally addressed all concerns and criticisms Lords of the Fallen has received in recent previews. The big gaming media publication who got a chance to preview Lords of the Fallen raised concerns such as slow player movement, death, experience points and many more things.

Lords of the Fallen

“We don’t believe that this game is to slow or too fast for anybody because you can adjust quite easily the way that you move,” said the developer.

CI Games further clarified that weight of the player is directly proportional to movement “or speed at which it moves”, the heavy the armor and weapons, the slow the movement and attack will be.

On the same line, if player have lighter equipment then there will be great jump distance, quicker movement and attacks. You can watch the full video explanation from CI Games below.

In the footage, the developer also discuss gameplay length Lords of the Fallen has to offer, it’s anywhere between 15 to 50 hours, according to CI Games.