Dev Comments on CoD: Advanced Warfare PS4 Leak: “That Sucks, Stealing & Releasing Is Not The Answer To Get New Info”

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Edge Magazine Screen 7

Sledgehammer Games’ upcoming first person shooter, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare was leaked a few days before its official release, and as a result of it video footage with unannounced details were posted on Twitch and YouTube. This has annoyed Sledgehammer Games Co-founder Glen Schofield, who took to Twitter to address the leak.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Schofield stated that it took development team around Two to Three years to make a game but leak like this “Sucks”.

“We took 3 years 2 make a game. Kept it quiet 4 the fans & it has to be stolen & leaked a week b4. That sucks. A real bummer. Thanks a lot.” tweeted Schofield.

When a fan replied that early leak like this is helpful for players to get accurate information about the game, and to this Schofield replied that “Stealing and Releasing” is not the proper way out. He further added that “discovery while playing is part of the fun.”

Yesterday, Twitch user Anfuny29 stream gameplay of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare PlayStation 4 version and leaked some interesting new details such as “no frame-rate” drops and 30-kill “DNA Bomb” scorestreak.

If a player manage to rack up 30 kills in one life, a bomb is activated which will leave behind “green mist” that spreads throughout the entire map before dissipating. You can watch the footage below.