Dev: DriveClub PS4 Servers Hit Their Absolute Limit Immediately After Launch, No Problems During Beta Testing


DriveClub on PlayStation 4 didn’t have a smooth launch as everyone of us expected. The server and connectivity that plagued DriveClub on PlayStation 4 right from Day One still exist even though Evolution Studios are working round the clock to fix it. What exactly went wrong? This is the question every PlayStation fans want to know. Evolution Studio took an extra year’s time for the development of DriveClub and even did a beta testing prior to game’s official launch.


We have already heard a clarification from Evolution that everything worked perfectly during DriveClub beta testing and this made them believe that everything is ready for launch as well. Today via comment section of Facebook, Evolution Studio issued another lengthy explanation on this controversial topic.

Evolution Studio stated that there were no server issue whatsoever for the past year, and they hit their limit immediately after DriveClub midnight launch.

The issues with server performance were never encountered during the past year, in any of the many rounds of testing prior to launch. The servers were actually live for over a week before Oct 7 for reviewers and none of these issues were discovered during that time either.

The servers hit their absolute limit soon after the midnight launch on Oct 7… and we have been working around the clock every day since, to get more servers online and improve the way that the servers handle social activity between players.

The PS Plus Edition is on hold while this work progresses and we want to get it back on track as quickly as possible, because we want everyone to enjoy the game we’ve poured our hearts into throughout development.

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Source: Facebook