Dev Explains Why Halo 5: Guardians On Xbox One Won’t Have Halo: The MCC Problems

Halo 5: Guardians

Halo: The Master Chief Collection launch on Xbox One was one of the worst as Xbox community experienced nasty connection and other issues. The trust factor of Xbox community on 343 Industries took a major hit and many of them are still in confusion whether or not to buy Halo 5 at launch as it may have the same problem.

Halo 5: Guardians Cover Art

343 Industries Frank O’Connor has assured Xbox community that they won’t have to worry about Halo 5 launch as MCC problems won’t occur with Halo 5: Guardians. Speaking to our friend at XBA at EGL’s Battle for Europe, O’Connor said:

“Halo: The Master Chief Collection is definitely a black eye for us. We’re not going to rest on our laurels or hide from the mistakes we made. However, I will say that the nature of The Master Chief Collection – you’ve got five different game engines, you’ve got five different studios working on it, you’ve got 343 working on putting it all together – the footprint and complexity was outrageous.

To be perfectly honest, there were a lot of things that happened when we got it into a retail environment that we simply didn’t see in a test environment, so that’s what really caught us by surprise. We’ve been sort of scrambling to get it first in a playable stage and now we’re going to get it in a polished stage, so that people are getting what they deserved in the first place. We’re never going to back away from that or shy away from that.

However, Halo 5 is being made by a completely different team. It’s a singular product. It was built from the ground up for this new technology, rather than being sort of dragged kicking and screaming from 2001 and forced and shoehorned into a 2014 console. So the problem spaces are still very challenging but they’re radically different. I think the beta is already a decent first step, in a retail environment, showing that we don’t have the same problems.”