Dev: Final Fantasy VII Remake Episode 1 Voice Recording Almost Finished


Yoshinori Kitase has shared some additional new details related to Final Fantasy VII Remake in the latest issue of Dengeki PlayStation magazine. Kitase revealed that the voice recording for Final Fantasy VII Remake is almost complete. There is a possibility that Kitase is talking about the voice recording for just the first episode of Final Fantasy VII Remake, because back in December 2015, it was revealed that FFVII Remake writer Nojima has finished writing the script of part 1 as of December 2015, and then in August 2015, it was revealed by Square Enix that the voice recording for the game was being done.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Screenshot

“A remake of Final Fantasy VII required substantial preparedness,” Kitase told Dengeki PlayStation. “The voice actors have almost finished voice recording of the main story. Fans may have the image of the Cloud from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, but since this is the ‘prime’ Cloud from before Advent Children, the performance may feel fresh.”

In addition to this, Kitase also talked about a bit on the key visual art released last month. He stated: “I’ll leave the meaning of the Sephiroth that doesn’t exist in the original (the black wing?) to everyone’s imagination.”

Final Fantasy VII Remake is currently in development for PlayStation 4. No confirmation yet from Square Enix about whether or not it will be available to other platforms also.

Source: Twitter