Dev Praises PS4: Achieve insane things like MSAA/FXAA anti-aliasing, real-time lightning and it didn’t even break a sweat

Grip Games recently announced Jet Car Stunts for Playstation 3, PS VITA and Playstation 4. We recently got it touch with Jakub co-founders of Grip Games and talked about numerous topic related to console port of Jet Car Stunts.

PS4Playstation 4 has received praises from developer’s community for its Unified Architecture and 8 GB RAM, however somewhere down the line slow PS4 Clock Speed has been a cause of concern for developers.

We asked Jakub, whether slow PS4 clock speed resulted into any development challenges for Grip Games while developing Jet Car Stunts for PS4? and to this he replied: “Playstation 4 and Xbox One is a very powerful gaming machines”

He later added that development run MSAA and FXAA anti-aliasing at the same time on PS4 along with some other advance graphic options such as real-time lighting and complex particles and post-processing effects, and both next-gen consoles i.e Xbox One and PS4 didn’t even break a sweat.

“When you look at spec sheets, you can always find a weakness, but the truth is that both the PS4 and XB1 are very powerful gaming machines. We did some insane things, like running MSAA and FXAA anti-aliasing at the same time, with real-time lighting and complex particles and post-processing effects and the next-gen consoles didn’t even break a sweat.”

Its good to see that developer finally getting the power to achieve things that were not possible on last-gen consoles. What you guys have to say about power of Playstation 4? Share your views with us in the commnent section below.