Dev: PS4 Pro Released To Support VR, It Is Just Rhetoric, PS4 Not Powerful Enough

Tomonobu Itagaki, one of the most acclaimed Japanese game designers, has provided some comments about what’s happening in the video games industry and in particular in the hardware scene, where console updates are starting to appear on the horizon and could allow developer to build bigger and more powerful experiences.

PS4 Pro Released To Support VR

Devil Third’s creator doesn’t have a very optimistic view though about PlayStation 4 Pro in particular, which, according to him, is simply something Sony had to create in order to make PlayStation VR meaningful in terms of performances.

PlayStation 4 Pro is just rhetoric. The current gen doesn’t have enough power to support VR, so they’re releasing it to support VR. I’m going to get in trouble again for saying this, aren’t I? Microsoft and Sony are going to be on my case for saying shit like this. PS4 Pro is not really their motivation. VR, which is what the upgrade is for, requires a lot of processing power.”

It’s a very strong opinion on PS4 Pro– do you agree? Let us know in the comments below.