Dev Shares New Battlefield 1 Info: Can Players Control The Zeppelin, Melee Combat, Battleships and more

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Battlefield 1 is surely the most anticipated FPS shooter of 2016, DICE managed to create a massive hype around the game with the initial reveal and there is no sign yet of it dying out soon. The debut trailer of Battlefield 1 had everything fans of the franchise wanted: World War 1 setting, horses, tanks, planes, melee weapons and many other things. DICE’s Andreas Morell in a recent interview with our friend at Official Xbox Magazine talked a bit more about the new features that will be available in Battlefield 1 at launch.

Battlefield 1

Morell did not go into too much of a detail but surely raised the hype surrounding the Battlefield 1 a bit more. Firstly, Morell confirmed the appearance of Battleships in Battlefield 1. He said: “A Yep, there will be a battleship. It’s not something we are going to go into, but there were battleships in this setting.”

When asked about the availability of Battlefield’s map-changing Levolution moments feature in Battlefield 1? Morell replied:

“Yeah, we are not talking about that. We are not going to talk about Levolution specifically, but as we talked about in the presentation, we are going more dynamic. We want it to be a more dynamic destruction. Again, ties into the physicality of it. It’s more like what you see is what you get, kind of thing. It’s more real in that sense. So I would say dynamic is the word when it comes to destruction.”

Furthermore, when asked about to what extent we will see new melee system (hand-to-hand combat) in Battlefield 1? Morell stated:

“A I’m not going to go into details in terms of the actual feature, but I can say, hand-to- hand combat was a big thing back here in this setting. When you look at the kind of all-out war, you have air, land, sea and a big part of the fighting on the actual ground was almost the – if you put yourself in the position of the soldiers back then when they got their state-of- the art machine guns, but then they can turn the corner and then there is a guy with a big trench mace, it’s almost medieval and it’s that clash of those two worlds that we felt like this is really something that we need to have in the game and it really adds something to it. It’s a brutal side to – brutal and personal side to kind of the combat in Battlefield 1.”

Lastly, when asked: whether or not players will be able to control the zeppelin? Morell replied DICE will share more details on it at a later date.