Dev Shares Update On DriveClub Free PS Plus Edition: “Working Hard To Get It Out As Soon As Possible”


DriveClub free PlayStation Plus Edition was initially scheduled to launch alongside full retail version of the game, but Evolution and Sony at the very last minute decided to delay the launch citing “Server And Connectivity Issues” as the reason.


Today via game’s official Facebook Page, Evolution has provided an update on status of free PlayStation Plus Edition of DriveClub. The developer once again just assured PlayStation fans that development team are working hard on it and it will be out “As Soon As Possible”.

“We are working hard to get the PS Plus Edition of DriveClub out as soon as possible and hope to update you on this soon.”

It was really a strange decision from publisher/developer duo to go ahead with DriveClub full retail version launch and delay a free edition. Some of you might ask why i termed the decision as “Strange”, read this opinion piece from our contributor “Dennis”: “DriveClub Free PS Plus Edition Delayed Due To Server Issue: A Great Excuse And Strategic Move From Sony