Dev: “Tom Clancy’s The Division Will Take Full Advantage of PS4, Engine Develop Specifically for Next-Gen Consoles”

Tom Clancy's The Division

Ubisoft Massive are currently working on the next installment in Tom Clancy’s video game franchise, Tom Clancy’s: The Division. The game will arrive on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Recently, Ubisoft’s Fredrik Rundqvist, Executive Producer had a chat with our friend at PlayStation Universe about PlayStation 4 version of the game. Fredrik stated that Tom Clancy’s The Division will take full advantage of PlayStation 4 and termed the console as ‘An Amazing Machine’

Tom Clancy's The Division

PSU asked Fredrik: whether development team at Ubisoft Massive faced any challenge to bring Tom Clancy’s The Division to PS4? and to this he replied:

“We developed bot the engine and the game specifically for this new generation of consoles. So we didn’t have any problems at all, it was perfectly built for that. I know a lot of other games are using older engines that they need to port. Ours was built from the ground up. It takes full advantage of the PlayStation, and it’s an amazing machine.”

So far whatever media assets Ubisoft has released related to Tom Clancy’s The Division, it has received high praises from both critics and fans. Do you think final build of Tom Clancy’s The Division will live up to the expectations? Share your opinion with us in the comment section below.