Devil May Cry 5 Highly Unlikely To Release On Xbox One, PS4 Console Exclusive – Insider


Earlier this week, A ResetEra Forum user “Son of Sparda” leaked a ton of information about Devil May 5, the next installment in the DmC series currently in development under the guidance of Hideaki Itsuno. The leaked details were related to the Development Team working on the game, Storyline, Characters, Gameplay Mechanics And Release Date and Production. Today, Son of Sparda has revealed some additional information about the Devil May Cry 5 – which Game Engine is being used for the development of the game and what are the platforms the game is going to release.

Devil May Cry 5 Might Not Release On Xbox One

According to Son of Sparda, Devil May Cry 5 will release first on PlayStation 4. It will release on PC at a later day. No other version of the game is planned i.e. there won’t be an Xbox One version of Devil May Cry 5 (the term used was “Highly Unlikely”). When asked about the Engine that Hideaki Itsuno is using for the development of Devil May Cry? Son of Sparda replied: “Unreal Engine 4”.

“Okay just a tiny update/leak: PlayStation 4 first, PC later. (highly unlikely to be on any other platform), Unreal Engine 4”

We haven’t heard anything about Devil May Cry 5 officially, so take whatever Son of Sparda has revealed with a grain of salt and put it in the rumor category. The leak states that the official announcement of Devil May Cry 5 is expected to be made at E3 2018 (initial plan was to reveal it at PSX 2017, but Sony decided to scale back on PSX and instead scale up E3 2018).