Devs Reactions to Kinect-less Xbox One Bundle for $399: “Great for fans, Good Biz Move and more”


Today, Microsoft made some startling announcement related to Xbox One, Games with Gold coming in June 2014, Xbox Live no longer mandatory for apps and many more, but the announcement that took gaming community with storm was “Xbox One Kinect-less bundle for $399 (i.e the same price as that of Sony’s Playstation 4).”

Xbox OneHere are the reactions of few industry professionals on Xbox One Kinect-less Xbox One bundle:

James Stevenson: Community and Marketing Lead at @InsomniacGames

“Great for fans to have more choices. personally I use my kinect every single day with by XB1. super useful.
I use my Kinect on a daily basis with XB1. Incredibly useful for going to exactly what you want.
But, people getting more options is great too. For 399 you get access to the awesome XB1 library, the media/TV integration, apps. Good deal”

David Scott Jaffe: Video Game Designer/Director of TWISTED METAL+GOD OF WAR+CALLING ALL CARS

“Fuuuck- 399w/no Kinect? Now it’s a fuckin war (stupid analogy but there it is). Get Ninty to drop the pad and the price and shit=REALS:)!
I agree- and I’m a very very happy PS4 Owner and big Sony fan boy/supporter. I can still appreciate the value of the biz move.”

Chris Owen: English Community Manager at PlayStation Europe said:

“I’m not really in a position to comment about our competitors strategies.”

When asked whether we will hear some amazing announcement like this from Sony before E3 2014? Owen replied:

“only time will tell..”

Jon Shiring: Titanfall Coder

“I’m all for it. Happy about $399 more than anything else – I’m just excited for more people to get to play our game.”

Mark Rein: Vice President and Co-Founder of Epic Games.

“Way to go @XboxP3 – As expected – smarter decisions happening thanks to Phil Spencer being in charge”

What do you guys have to say about this “Kinect-less Xbox One Bundle for $399” move from Microsoft just before E3 2014? Share your opinion with us in the comment section below.