Diablo III on PS3 Suffering from Frame-Rate Issues?

It seemes like Diablo 3 on PS3 is suffering for some sorts of frame-rate dropping issues. According to reports coming out from popular video-gaming forums NeoGaf, frame-rate of Diablo III on PS3 drops quite often (that too at a significant rate).

Diablo IIIDiablo 3 runs at 60 FPS, but gamers are reporting that it drops to around 30 FPS mark during heavier scenes, other claims a massive drop of 40 FPS at some sequence.

So far no one has come forward with a similar complaint about Xbox 360 version of the game. Does this mean, the game is better optimized on Xbox 360?

Are you playing Diablo III on PS3?, If yes then have you experienced any frame-drop issues?. Share you experiece with us in the comment section below.

Source: NeoGaf