DICE: Battlefield Series Will Get Female Multiplayer Characters, Will Decide When Based on Resources


Battlefield series producer Patrick Bach has promised that DICE will certainly introduce female characters to multiplayer portion of Battlefield 4, but exact time frame from this new addition can’t be provided currently as development team needs to work out how much it would have to “sacrifice” before going fully co-ed.

Battlefield 4 Female CharacterRecently OXM quizzed Patrick Bach about addition of female characters in Battlefield multiplayer portion, to which he replied: “Yes, but we don’t know when we can do that,”

“We have been talking about it quite a lot. We’ve been looking at how much it’s worth, compared to how much we’d have to sacrifice.”

“Because it’s quite complicated, It’s not just [creating] the actual character models, it’s all the voice-over work. We have hundreds of thousands of lines that would need to be duplicated, because even now we’re cheating quite a lot – we have random male voices, and then you have to multiply that by two. If we do it, we’ll do it right, not just to tick a box or something.”

The next installment in Battlefield franchise, Battlefield 4 is schedule to launch on October 29 for PS3, PC and Xbox 360. The game does feature a female soldier but not in playable form.

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