DICE explains why “Operation Metro” map is selected for BF3 beta

Battlefield 3: End Game DLC screen 5

Battelfield Community Manager Daniel Matros has explained the reason behind why DICE choose “Operation Metro” map for the upcoming Battlefield beta.

Battlefield 3 screen

“Stepping a bit further into development and closer to launch” he said, “this is a very good way for us to try out all the bits and pieces we have added in and changed since the Alpha.”

“The Alpha was very important from a server side of view. Now we´re in Beta. Not only does the server side need to be tested but also the complete game client.”

“What this means is that we pick one map:

“Metro: We have already showed this map and made some big changes to it to enhance gameplay as well as get it more fluent than in the Alpha.

“Lots of new things have been added in closer to launch. Our rank progression system as well as customizations have made their way into the beta and it´s very important for us to test these things before we launch.

“That is the purpose of the Beta as well as combining it with Battlelog and all of the features there.

“If you feel that this isn´t the right map for you, then perhaps we don´t really agree on what maps we want to see. Other than that, I do hope people will have a great time playing it and will enjoy the Beta”

Battlefield 3 beta will begin on September 29.

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