DICE unveils new details on Battlefield 3’s guns

 DICE unveils new details on Battlefield 3’s guns

Battlefield 3 conquest screenshot 7

Recently Battlefield franchise developer DICE unveiled some new information regarding how guns in Battlefield 3 will work and be used. Various executives of the firm have talked about one-shot kills, flashlights, and suppressors.

Battlefield 3 screenshot

Now there are some new information related to the Battlefield 3 guns. Check out below what DICE have to say this time:

“The M16A3 and M16A4 are both in the game. […] ENV is a weapon optic. It only turns on when you zoom in. […] Not shotguns, [but] pretty much everything else [can have suppressors]. Shadows play a big role, and flashlights make a big difference. […] There are no 1 hit body kills with sniper rifles.”

Guys tell us what you think about all these new Battlefield 3 gun facts? Do you like it or not?