Did Sony Confirm New Silent Hill From Hideo Kojima Is Not PS4 Exclusive, Might Arrive On Xbox One?

 Did Sony Confirm New Silent Hill From Hideo Kojima Is Not PS4 Exclusive, Might Arrive On Xbox One?

According to report coming out from Italian Website Neofz, Sony send a press-release via email feature two images where Playstation 4 exclusive title were watermarked and the only title listed without it was “P.T” i.e. a new Silent Hill title.

P.T New Silent Hill

You can check out the two images below.

New Silent Hill From Hideo Kojima PS4 Exclusive

In another news, yesterday, Hideo Kojima answered some questions on P.T during GamesCom interview and here are some interesting tidbits from the interview. He confirmed that P.T stands for “Playable Teaser” and it is actually a brand new Silent Hill title in development at Kojima Productions and Guillermo del Toro.

The graphics/visuals you seen in P.T were deliberately toned down just to give an impression that an indie studio is working on the title, basically to confuse fans. You can check more updates below, via Reddit user AudiblyAudible:

  • Game is called “Silent Hills” and is being made by Kojima & Company (while they’re still finishing TPP)
  • The graphics were intentionally toned down to make it seem like an indie studio was making the game
  • He wanted people around the world to collaborate in order to solve the game’s puzzles (hence the different languages and whatnot)
  • The ending puzzle in P.T. is intentionally hard because of the reason given above
  • He expected P.T. to be completed in about a week and was surprised to find that someone completed it the same day it came out (@girlgamertalk was the first to discover it)
  • 7780 is the area of the Shizuoka Prefecture 静岡県 (which sounds like Silent Hill when translated to English based on the literal meaning of the characters) and the S stands for Silent Hill, hence “7780s”
  • He originally wanted this game to make you piss your pants but decided to make you shit your pants instead
  • The Limited Edition version may contain a pair of trousers

Want to know how scary new Silent Hill is, watch the footages below.