DirectX 12 will unlock 30% more power for Xbox One


DirectX 12 will make 30% more resources available for Xbox One once they launch this November 2015, based on the latest statements offered by Stardock CEO Brad Wardell. Those reports claim that draw calls between CPU and GPU will jump from the current 6,000 (DirectX 9) to 600,000 (DirectX 12), with performances improving up to 600%. It should be noted, anyway, that Wardell did not give any clue regarding DirectX 11.

Xbox One

The following are the main points touched by Brad Wardell, Stardock CEO, during the Inner Circle podcast. All the info is based on benchmarks provided by Anandtech:

Anandtech AMD cards 7fps to 43fps running Nitrous engine DX12 engine.

600% performance increase on AMD cards running full DX12 game engine.

Directx 12 runs better than Mantle on AMD cards.

DX9 uses max 6000 draw calls vs 600,000 on Dx12.

Limitless light sources in games.

1000+ characters AI characters on screen.

AMD and Microsoft, it is believed, have great DX12 news at GDC.

Full Inner Circle podcast is below, a must watch for Xbox and PC gaming community: