Discord’s newest feature lets users hop into friends’ games


Over the past couple years, Discord has turned into a peerless program suite for gamers. From built-in VoIP support to robust community management through the software’s channel feature, Discord’s streamlined services make it an easy pick. And the freeware application is about to see another major improvement: Discord now allows players to join their friends through the program

Called “Rich Presence,” users can now use Discord in select supporting games to spectate matches, check out their friends’ in-game stats, or hop straight into a game. Players can easily form parties in Discord and then launch straight into the game of their choice, too.

“Rich Presence removes the friction PC gamers often feel when joining game sessions with their friends,” Discord CEO Jason Citron said, Gamasutra reports. “It gives players a clear at-a-glance understanding of what their friends are playing, how they are playing it, where they are at in the game, and a one click way to jump in and join.”

Discord advertises Call of Duty WWII, Payday 2, Divinity: Original Sin 2, and osu! as games that use Rich Presence on the platform. And for developers eager in bringing Rich Presence to their games, building support is easy. Online, Discord provides SDK instructions for game developers, explaining how the system works and how to implement its coding.

Discord’s Rich Presence is live now, so any interested players can go ahead and boot up their app to give the feature a shot. And if you want to implement it for your own game, check out more on Rich Presence through Discord’s official promo.