New Dissidia Final Fantasy NT trailer shows off its 28 launch combatants


Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is launching Jan. 2018 with an impressive collection of 28 fighters and seven summons playable at launch. Square Enix has released a trailer showcasing that fact, showing off the impressive amount and variety of characters culled from the Final Fantasy series that you can look forward to playing as. 

The current roster is as follows:

  • Warrior of Light (Final Fantasy)
  • Garland (Final Fantasy)
  • Firion (Final Fantasy II)
  • The Emperor (Final Fantasy II)
  • Onion Knight (Final Fantasy III)
  • Cloud of Darkness (Final Fantasy III)
  • Cecil (Final Fantasy IV)
  • Kain (Final Fantasy IV)
  • Golbez (Final Fantasy V)
  • Bartz (Final Fantasy V)
  • Exdeath (Final Fantasy V)
  • Terra (Final Fantasy VI)
  • Kefka (Final Fantasy VI)
  • Cloud (Final Fantasy VII)
  • Sephiroth (Final Fantasy VII)
  • Squall (Final Fantasy VIII)
  • Ultimecia (Final Fantasy VIII)
  • Zidane (Final Fantasy IX)
  • Kuja (Final Fantasy IX)
  • Tidus (Final Fantasy X)
  • Jecht (Final Fantasy X)
  • Shantotto (Final Fantasy XI)
  • Vaan (Final Fantasy XII)
  • Lightning (Final Fantasy XIII)
  • Y’shtola (Final Fantasy XIV)
  • Noctis (Final Fantasy XV)
  • Ace (Final Fantasy Type-0)
  • Ramza (Final Fantasy Tactics)

As far as summons go, you can play with Alexander, Ifrit, Leviathan, Odin, Ramuh, Shiva, and Bahamut. That’s a pretty wide selection, representing the “core” group of summons most fans are likely familiar with. 

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT will include a Season Pass that will add six more fighters to the game after it releases in addition to more goodies, though there could be more additions further down the line with the season pass structure already in place. 

You can pick up the game when it hits PlayStation 4 on Jan. 30 in North America, after Japan gets it a few weeks earlier on Jan. 11.