Does Nvidia Know Something About Half Life 3?, says “Half-Life 3 Secrets Leak”

Half Life 3

We heard numerous rumors and report about Half Life 3 in recent times, but nothing official from Valve. Now we are in dilema whether to put this one also in Half Life 3 rumor category?, Graphics Card manufacturer Nvidia has just shared a teaser image on their official Facebook Page carrying a text “Half Life 3 Secrets Leak”.

Half Life 3image is a cover for PC Gamer and is all about Nvidia’s “Project Shield” stating that all favourite multiplayer games available in market can be played on it. Now here comes the interesting part, on top of the cover there’s a notification about Half Life 3 secrets being leaked.

Take a look at the cover below via Nvidia’s Facebook Page, and let us know in the comment section below what you guys think about it.

Half Life 3 Nvidia Cover

Source: Nvidia Facebook Page