Does Xbox Project Scorpio’s Design hints at AMD Vega Architecture

Xbox Project Scorpio is the next big thing by Microsoft, and geeks around the globe are trying to decode its core hardware to reveal the actual specification. A recent article published on Eurogamers by Digitalfoundry Journalist, talks a lot about the internal elements of Xbox Project Scorpio. Well it won’t be really easy to figure out the actual architecture so early. This new 4k Gaming Console backed by 6 Teraflop GPU, 2.3Ghz Custom CPU, 12GB GDDR5 RAM is already creating a lot of news on performance part.


Talking about the performance part, the article has a glimpse of having next-gen AMD Vega GPU architecture in Scorpio. The console will be released this year, and after that it would be lot more easy to figure out the core specs. As the official domain does not reveal much, many are clueless about the Scorpio Engine SoC, so it won’t be easy for anyone to claim accurate information on the core specification.

The official specs show Xbox Project Scorpio is a big console coming up which can tackle its competitions pretty well. Having an AMD Vega GPU architecture will lead to a much higher performance output by Scorpio. Along with the performance there are many enhancements related to power consumption, cooling, etc. Refer the link below for an in-depth analysis on Scorpio’s hardware.

Source: Digitalfoundry