Domain Names confirms “The Last Of US” trilogy

 Domain Names confirms “The Last Of US” trilogy

The Last of US concept Art 7

At recently concluded VGAs 2011, fans got tons of juicy insights about the upcoming games next year. No doubt Naughty Dog’s “The Last of US” was the stand out from the crowded list. The developer released debut trailer for the game showing two lead protagonists (Joel & Ellie) along with the amazing graphics.

The Last of US

Now according to details from “”, it seems like “The Last of US” will be a part of trilogy very much similar to Uncharted franchise. As a proof for this all you need to do is Reverse-IP “The Last of US” on “”.

You will get three exact matches for the domain. These domains are “, and”. It also worth noting that other reverse-ip sites don’t produce the same match.

We have the screenshot of “The Last of US” reverse IP search from “Domaintools” below.

The Last of US trilogy