Don’t Try to Connect Xbox One External HDD to PC or else your Xbox account might get banned

Have you ever came across a case/scenario where a beta tester (or whatever you call him/her) receive a BAN for providing feedback? Reddit user “GER_v3n3” just got this special treatment from Microsoft, Banned from Xbox One Preview Program for providing feedback on external HDD.

Xbox One

GER_v3n3 shared the following image detailing the feedback he provided to Microsoft on external HDD formatting. You can check out the full details below.

Xbox One Ban Message

The response that came from Microsoft was BAN from Preview program and App got removed from GER_v3n3 Xbox One. GER_v3n3 also stated that he didn’t receive any notification for BAN and when customer support was contacted, the response was

“Just randomly checked my Apps today and didnt see the Registration App anymore. After that I checked if I was still able to get into the Forum, but no luck. I can still see that my post is there, but cant open it.

“Already contacted German support and they told me that Xbox reserved the right to remove me from the program without notification or reason.”

GER_v3n3 further stated that: “The EULA says in Germany, that youre not allowed to reverse engineer anything associated with Xbox… its a grey area, but Ive been banned for less before”

We are following the update from GER_v3n3 for more update on this, hope to see a reply from Microsoft’s Major Nelson via Twitter soon. Stay tuned.