DOOM (2016) Users Report Issues With AMD Graphics Cards, id Software Confirms: Patch Incoming


Here we go again with AMD graphics cards compatibility issues. The latest case was Gears of War Ultimate Edition, which ran poorly at launch on AMD GPUs and was fixed after several patches. Now, DOOM is having the same genre of issues according to users posting all over the Internet, from NeoGaf to Reddit.


“I have an R9 390, 16 GB ram and i5 6600k. Playing at 1080p. EDIT: I also have the latest drivers installed for DOOM,” one user reports on NeoGaf.

“If I have Vertical Sync enabled then I get crazy FPS slowdown to 30-40fps (It seems slower but this is how it reads) for about 10 seconds at a time till it goes back up to buttery smooth 60fps for around 10-15 seconds. If I disable it and unlock the framerate I get 80-100 FPS but terrible micro stuttering. If I lock the framerate at 60 through Riva tuner I get terrible tearing…”.

Benchmarks posted by this user confirm there’s a big issue going on with AMD graphics cards while running DOOM. Based on such information, Nvidia 970 is running 73% faster than AMD 390, which looks pretty absurd.

Lead renderer programmer at id Software Tiago Sousa already said AMD is working to fix the issue, discussing on Twitter about the reasons why there is such a quality loss in comparison with the beta. Apparently, the multiplayer beta was a mix of medium settings, so high settings are causing frame rate dips, micro-stuttering and more.

We’ll update you as soon as we learn more.