No DOOM Campaign DLC Yet, QuakeCon Interview Reveals

 No DOOM Campaign DLC Yet, QuakeCon Interview Reveals

DOOM VFR is on the way, but don’t expect any new single-player DLC in the immediate future. An interview with DOOM director Marty Stratton reveals campaign DLC isn’t being developed right now.

During QuakeCon, PCGamesN sat down with Stratton and asked about potential DLC for the game’s single-player mode. Stratton replied that campaign DLC simply isn’t on its way.

“I can’t really talk too much about it, but campaign DLC for DOOM isn’t on the table right now,” Stratton told PCGamesN.

But id is aware that fans want campaign DLC, and Stratton mentioned that the developers want to create content for solo play as well. So while there aren’t any plans in the immediate future, DOOM may receive campaign DLC down the road.

“We know you’re not the only one that feels that way, there’s a lot of us internally that feel the same way, so we know how important it is, and we want to make fans like you happy,” Stratton continued. “So, as soon as we get down a path on something that we can talk about, we definitely will.”

In lighter news, DOOM’s multiplayer DLC packs were released for free in July’s Update 6.66, which officially retired the game’s season pass. It remains unclear how DLC will be released in the near future or if all future DLC will be available for free.

H/T PCGamesN