DOOM Switch vs PS4 Gameplay Comparison Video, Cartridge To Have Singleplayer Content Only


DOOM for Nintendo Switch was one of the biggest announcements that came out from the recent Nintendo Direct Presentations. Bethesda and Nintendo were so confident that they showed a short glimpse of how exactly DOOM is going to look on Nintendo Switch i.e. actual gameplay. With DOOM Nintendo Switch made available, it was just a matter of time before someone takes it and compares it with the PlayStation 4 version of the game in order to get a graphics and visuals differences between the two port.

DOOM Nintendo Switch vs PS4 Gameplay Comparison

YouTuber Cycu1 did exactly this – he took the gameplay of DOOM Nintendo Switch vs PS4 and the end result is in front of you. Although graphics in Nintendo Switch version of Destiny 2 took a hit but taking into consideration the specs of Nintendo Switch vs PS4 – the console still manages to handle the game very well.

Watch the DOOM PS4 vs Nintendo Switch comparison video below and tell us what do you guys think. DOOM will launch on Nintendo Switch during Holiday 2017, the exact release date is still awaited.

In another news, if you decide to purchase a physical format of DOOM on Nintendo Switch then I would like you to take a note that the DOOM cartridges will only have the single-player portion of the game. What I am expecting here is that Bethesda and Nintendo will make a multiplayer portion of DOOM available to these players in the form of a free download.

No need to worry if you will purchase the digital version of DOOM on Nintendo Switch. The complete game (single-player and multiplayer) will be made available to you as a single download.