Doom brings demon-slaying decadence to Switch this November

Doom Eternal Trailer

It’s time to go back to hell this November. Doom for Nintendo Switch finally has a release date.

Bethesda announced earlier today that the id Software-developed shooter is touching down on Nintendo’s console/handheld hybrid on Nov. 10, bringing its unique brand of ultraviolence with it. The classic shooter’s modern makeover is a significant upgrade from the original game, though it retains that same fluid run-and-gun nature the shooter is known for. 

The campaign takes the iconic Doom marine (“Doomguy” to fans) all the way to Mars where demons have taken over the Union Aerospace Corporation’s research facility. As the wretched monsters pour out from Hell and wreak havoc, it’s your job to obliterate them and blow apart anything that moves. Just as it’s always been, just as it always will be in the Doom universe. 

Both campaign and multiplayer modes will be available of course, with a selection of ravenous demon hordes to blow away with your shotgun, BFG, or weapon of choice. Things have gotten even cooler since the days of classic Doom, which is more than evident here. Fast-paced multiplayer matches will give players the gorier option than Splatoon 2 when it comes to online play, and you can even take up the demon role to put friends in their place. 

Doom joins Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus in a flurry of first-person shooter goodness for Nintendo’s latest hardware release, with Wolfenstein coming to Switch in 2018. If you’ve never had the chance to enjoy a Doom campaign, this November is looking like a great time to do it, and on a new console at that.