Play two classic maps in VR with Doom VFR


You’ll be able to carve through demons in Doom VFR like a hot knife through butter this Friday, and it’ll even include virtual reality incarnations of two classic maps from the original game. 

Both Nuclear Plant and Toxic Refinery will be available to play in virtual reality, just like the modern levels that comprise the rest of the game. They’ll be available in low-res versions, with the same exact textures, objects, and walls you remember from the classic title. You’ll stave off enemies seen in the Doom reboot, but everything else remains the same for that classic vibe. 

You can use either a regular PlayStation 4 DualShock controller or PlayStation Move controllers while navigating the VR space, and instead of just transporting from place to place you’ve got the option to move around freely. 

You need to finish the Doom VFR campaign before you can check out the classic levels as sort of a reward for your time, so carve out some Doom VFR sessions in your schedule if you want to see these babies in action for yourself. 

If you like what you see, you can also try out the other recent large-scale VR release from Bethesda, Skyrim VR, for some trippy world-exploration in an enormous RPG. It’s well worth your time.