Download Lost Planet 2 Patch on 7th June

Lost Planet 2 Patch will be available for download for the gamers on 7th June. Capcom today reveal this information about the title update of Lost Planet 2. Playstation 3 gamers can download the patch of Lost Planet 2 through Playstation Network and Xbox 360 gamers through Xbox Live.

The patch details is given below:

  • There will be a updates to the parametrs of all the weapons
  • When a character dies the resawn are will see a changes, whereas for area of the boss gamers will be able to continue from where they have left.
  • Dependng on the user feedback there has been system adjustment made for co-op.

So don’t forget to download the Lost Planet 2 patch through Playstation etwork or Xbox Live depending upon the type of console you are plaing the game.