Draconius GO Winter Update Has Arrived


Elyland announced today that the Draconius GO Winter update will be available to download, getting you ready for even more creatures to catch and train. You will be able to catch Snowcrag and his friends starting tomorrow. Not only are they bringing more creatures, but they are also improving the Duel of Wizards and adding a few more items to the in game shop. Below is what we can expect from this update.

Winter update

  • 26 new creatures with Christmas mood will appear in the streets!
  • The shop will offer you 10 new artifacts and a set bonus for an additional Hunt.
  • The healing and resurrecting potions will be available in the shop.
  • There will be a new reward for quests that reduces the cool time timer for the Duel of Wizards.
  • In case of victory in a Duel of Wizards, you will, with some probability, receive the soulstone of the defeated creature.
  • You can get a new bonus for pheromones from chests.
  • Now you can exchange artifacts for some essence.
  • Control of creatures in battle has been improved.
  • Some errors with the results of Duels have been fixed.
  • The errors that made the opponent with 0 HP invincible in battles have been fixed.
  • Opponents can’t dodge anymore when he is using a charged attack.
  • The position of the player in the hunt map and the progress of the eggs will now update without reopening the window.
  • Some errors with counting distance have been fixed.
  • The movements of the character in the map with an unstable GPS signal have been improved.
  • The exit of the battery saving mode has been accelerated for many devices.
  • The download process of the new graphics in the background has been improved.
  • The effect of the pheromones when you change worlds, and also when the app isn’t active, has been fixed.
  • The performance of the interface of arenas, creature catching, altars, eggs hatching, journal etc. has been improved.
  • Some errors with the display of the locality in the map have been fixed.
  • Sorting by the bestiary number has been improved.
  • A mechanism for notifications of the promotions in the game has been added.
  • The texts of some messages have been improved.

It certainly looks like that Elyland is continuing to improve Draconius GO in a big way. Some of these issues have been a pain for players, but now they will be a thing of the past. I can’t wait to see what other creatures Draconius GO has in store for us starting tomorrow.