Dragon Age: Inquisition Dev Talks About Fans Reaction To “1080p on PS4 & 900p on Xbox One” Announcement & More

Dragon Age: Inquisition

Recently, Dragon Age: Inquisition Producer “Flynn” talked with our friend at VentureBeat on numerous topic related to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, how fans reacted to “1080p on PS4 and 900p on Xbox One” announcement and many more things.

Dragon: Age Inquisition

When asked about what prompted Bioware to announce “Resolution Specs” of Dragon Age: Inquisition soo early considering the fact that it has been one of the hotly debated topic among fans? Flynn replied:

“It started because we’d seen what we thought was interpreted as misinformation from viewers of the live stream we did. Based on that, we said, “Well, it’s important to get the information out there so players can understand reality when they’re considering a pre-order, or if they’ve already preordered Dragon Age.” We wanted to be very clear.”

Furthermore, Flynn was asked how fans of Dragon Age series and Bioware received the announcement, and to this he replied:

“I found that people appreciated the clarity of the statement, whatever platform they’re playing on. The important thing to remember is that Dragon Age looks stunning on all the platforms it’s on. We’re not even close to the maximized potential of either system yet. It’s just around what we can do now. Once you get Dragon Age, you’re in for an amazing experience regardless.”

Lastly, Flynn also stated that in no way “Dragon Age: Inquisition” is close to maximizing the potential of Xbox One and PlayStation 4. You can read the long interview here.