Dragon Age Inquisition gets Release date, Gameplay trailer and Box Art

PS4 vs Xbox One

Bioware has announced a release date for Dragon Age: Inquisition and have also revealed a new gameplay trailer which gives many in game details. It all started yesterday when Bioware tweeted awesome box art image for Dragon Age: Inquisition. The box art features an Inquisitor wielding a flaming sword, which looks awesome as if he daring everyone to clear his path.

Dragon Age Inquisition Box Art

After awesome box art revealed, Bioware and EA revealed the release date for Dragon Age: Inquisition, i.e. 7th October 2014. That wasn’t enough, Bioware also released gameplay trailer which features almost everything of in-game experience we gonna get including cinematics, explorations of locations and combat system. There are also giant dragons, powerful spells, and swords.

So finally we can say, Dragon Age: Inquisition will release on Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, PS3, and PC on October 7, 2014.