Dragon Quest Builders puts you in charge of construction on Switch this February


Square Enix’s Dragon Quest Builders is bringing its unique brand of sandbox building to the Nintendo Switch this February. If you’ve ever enjoyed a Dragon Quest game and happen to love Minecraft, this is one spinoff from the series you won’t want to miss. 

The port of the game that originally appeared on PlayStation 4 and PS Vita finds players working to reconstruct buildings and towns that were destroyed by an evil presence in the Dragon Quest series. Not only do you have to put things back together as if you were stacking building blocks back up again, but you’ve got to fight off waves of monsters that threaten your way of life in real-time battles. 

But if you’re more interested in creating things, you can do that too using the free-build mode Terra Incognita. When you’ve made something you’re particularly proud of, you can upload it for others to check out. You can download others’ creations as well for the same purposes, just like Minecraft

There are a few different additions to the Switch version of the game that you won’t get in the others, too. For one, there’s a new and absolutely adorable “Great Sabrecub” mount added that lets you gather and craft materials and attack enemies while on its back. There’s also a wider selection of building and customization options here that you won’t find in the other versions, though Nintendo hasn’t stated specifically what those are just yet. 

If you held out on playing through Dragon Quest Builders originally because you wanted it to be more portable (or didn’t have a PS Vita), the Switch version is probably going to be the right one for you. It’s a game that lends itself well to portability, and you’re going to want to pay small bursts of it at a time.