Atlus is releasing a Dragon’s Crown Pro Battle-Hardened Edition


Vanillaware’s gorgeous action RPG Dragon’s Crown is being reborn as Dragon’s Crown Pro for PlayStation 4, and it’s scheduled for a spring 2018 release. It’s a completely revamped version of the game, which originally released for PlayStation 3, with additional content and plenty of augments for both new and old players to appreciate. 

Atlus is releasing a special “Battle-Hardened Edition” of the game for Dragon’s Crown Pro fans in North America and Europe. It’s a collector’s edition of the game with seven different skill cards with the game’s different noble classes all wrapped together neatly in a special case. 

If you hurry, you’ll get the Battle-Hardened Edition of the game automatically, as preordered copies and first-print sales will all be that very edition and will run $49.99 at launch. There is no specific date you can expect the game to launch on for North America just yet, but you’ll get the special edition if you act fast enough. Interestingly, Japanese gamers get a digital game book with their first-print copies. 

Vanillaware previously released a remastered version of the equally entrancing Odin Sphere in the form of Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir, which was available for PlayStation 4, improving upon the original PlayStation 2 version in nearly every conceivable way. Hopefully Dragon’s Crown Pro will deliver in a similar manner, especially since it has a lot of potential for co-op action.