Drive Club For PS4: New Details and Screenshots from GameInformer Magazine

The June 2013 issue of GameInformer is not only about Infamous: Second Son but also about another PS4 exclusive “Drive Club”.

The publication features tons of new details about Drive Club along with some brand new screenshots.

  • Play offline in single-player
  • Also has a big online focus
  • User-created race challenges encouraged
  • Everything you do is tracked by a single profile in single-plaer
  • With teams, accomplishments are funneled together into the larger success of the group
  • Three-on-three team challenges included
  • Create events based on different parameters: car type, track, time of day, weather, etc.
  • Can make lengthy multi-stage events that take place over a number of days
  • Participants can span in the thousands with hundreds of different teams
  • Win smaller accolades to add team’s XP
  • These include clocking the fastest lap, drifting 1,000 meters, going 0 to 60 the fastest
  • Use apps outside of DriveClub to make challenges as well
  • Spread accomplishments and media through social media chanels
  • Evolution will be making its own season of league racing through weekly online race events
  • Visuals and gameplay are equally important
  • DualShock 4′s touchpad is used for menu navigation, for the most part
  • Touchpad also being considered for cameras
  • Not a simulation-based racer
  • Damage cars take won’t determine how they handle
  • Koenigsegg, Maserati, Pagani, Hennessey are represented
  • Start off with slightly less glamorous cars
  • Race and increase fame/funds to gain access to better cars
  • More people will watch you race as well
  • More cars will be added through DLC; will be “one of the biggest titles for Sony from a DLC perspective”


Drive Club Screenshot 1 Drive Club Screenshot 2