DriveClub at rock solid locked 30 FPS will push PS4 graphics details says Paul Rustchynsky


After almost more than one whole year Sony announced the release date of Driveclub for PS4 i.e. 8th of October 2014. Paul Rustchynsky, Driveclub’s new Game Director, said that Driveclub will run at at 1080P/30FPS inspite of all the delay. As Evolution Studios wants the game to be visually “rock-solid”, they will lock the framerate.

DriveClubThis is what Mr. Rustchynsky had to say about the framerate lock: “We want to push the boundaries on PS4 with the visual detail in DRIVECLUB, so we’ve now locked the game to a rock solid 30fps. Doing so means that we don’t compromise on the staggering native 1080p visual quality or the seamlessly networked connectivity while you race.

“We’re keen for you to see how much it’s improved since you last saw it, even for the areas where we’ve already achieved great things. Our artists have relished the extra time to add more cars and tracks and to add detail upon detail to the cars and tracks we’ve had all along.”

“They’re all trying to one-up each other and exploit the power of PS4 as much as possible and they’ll continue to do so until you get your hands on the game. So you can definitely expect us to be proudly sharing updates with you for the rest of the year.”

He further added: “We’ve got a lot of experience at Evolution Studios and members of the team who worked on Gran Turismo, WRC, Grid, F1, MotorStorm, Project Gotham and more have all contributed to the handling dynamics.”

“We’re confident that it gives everybody a fluid and authentic driving experience that is accessible for beginners, yet deep enough to satisfy even the most track-hardened racers.”

DriveClub will launch on October 8. The game looks much better than previous build, here is the proof: gorgeous looking new trailer and some in-game GIFs.