DriveClub for PS4 Arrives In North America, Dev Aware of “Not Able To Start Preload” Issue: Update


Evolution Studios’ PlayStation 4 exclusive racing title finally launches in North America, but still not all PlayStation 4 owners are able to start their Pre-load. Game Director Paul Rustchynsky has issued an update via Twitter and stated that he is aware of the issue and is chasing up PlayStation Store team to find out the exact cause of the issue and how soon will it be fixed.


DriveClub was initially announced as the launch title of PlayStation 4 but was delayed due to technical issues. Now the wait is finally over but only for gamers in North American territories as European gamers will have to wait for the game till tomorrow and gamers in Brits won’t be able to get their hands on it until October 10.

Are you guys facing any issue with DriveClub pre-load? Tell us in the comment section below.

Update: Paul Rustchynsky has just clarified that DriveClub Europe Pre-loads will begin at 12pm BST (in 1hr 20m):