DriveClub Launch Day Blunder, Free PS Plus Edition Not Live Yet, Due To Mixed Reviews Or Connectivity Issue?


Where exactly is DriveClub free PlayStation Plus edition? This is the question on all PlayStation 4 owners mouth. DriveClub full retail version is available in North American territories, but free PlayStation Plus edition is nowhere to be seen.


What makes matter even worse is the fact that Sony continues to remain silent and recent PlayStation Store update only added DriveClub full retail version. This was a bit odd move considering the fact that PS Store updates are quite in depth and includes every possible deal available.sad

The only official update we received on DriveClub PlayStation Plus edition was ” Further detail to follow about this & PS Plus Edition as soon as we know more.”

So what might be the reason behind delay in releasing it? DriveClub was heavily marketed as Best and Premier PlayStation 4 exclusive racing title, both Evolution and Sony did everything possible to hype it. However early reviews from big gaming media outlet gave it an average review score behind “SIX or SEVEN”, and this has caused a bit of uproar across the web.

Another reason might be many people with the full version having trouble getting online with the game, so Sony might be delaying the release of DriveClub free PlayStation Plus edition on purpose so that they won’t have that many more people trying to get online.

If this is true, PlayStation 4 owners should be 100% fine with this because people who paid money for the full version deserves attention of Sony and Evolution first.

On positive note, DriveClub PlayStation Plus edition is already up on Hong Kong PlayStation Store, so it’s likely that once Sony and Evolution sorts everything out it will be made available worldwide as well. Check out the proof below.

DriveClub PlayStation Plus Edition Hong Kong PSN