DriveClub new build screens show impressive graphics, native 1080p resolution and free PS Plus version confirmed

Sony and Evolution has just re-reveal their Playstation 4 exclusive racing title, DriveClub via a brand new trailer with all new in-game footage captured directly from PS4 and new release date, which is October 8, 2014.

DriveClubNow does this full one year wait for DriveClub will be worthy? check out the screenshots shared by Sony just few minutes ago and decide. If you missed out on the new trailer, watch it HERE, the graphics/visuals are photo-realistic.

DriveClub New Build PS4 Screen 1 DriveClub New Build PS4 Screen 2 DriveClub New Build PS4 Screen 3 DriveClub New Build PS4 Screen 4 DriveClub New Build PS4 Screen 5 DriveClub New Build PS4 Screen 6

In another news, Sony also confirmed that Driveclub PlayStation Plus Edition, a free version of DriveClub for PS Plus subscribers is also coming.

“Yes, the PlayStation Plus version is still happening,”. For those who are unaware of the difference between DriveClub vs DriveClub PS Plus edition, here is the statement from senior designer Ben Gouldstone.

“The only difference between the PS Plus edition and the boxed retail is that there’s a slightly scaled down version of content,”

“We haven’t released specific details about what we’re going to refine for the PS Plus Edition yet, but in terms of the gambit of features, you’re going to be able to issue challenges, you’re doing to be able to do asynchronous online races, you’re going to have all of the single player content in terms of events. The specifics we haven’t gone into yet but you’re going to have the full gaming experience.”