Driveclub new info and release date announcement in “weeks to come”, delay was good for game: Insider

Finally, Evolution Studios has provided a time-frame as to when Playstation community can see new DriveClub gameplay footage, release date and other promising details. The developer via DriveClub official Facebook Page announced that more info and release date announcement is coming in “weeks to come”.

DriveClubHere is what the post exactly reads: “Expect an official release date, full game details and new videos in the weeks to come. We’ll be here to take questions and to chat to you too, so share a message with us and keep following for more updates. We’re looking forward to showing you more!”

DriveClub was initially scheduled to release as launch title for Playstation 4, but due to some unknown reason was delayed in-definitely. In another news, well know industry insider Tidux via Twitter assured Playstation 4 owners that DriveClub looks good and this delay was good for gamers.

“#driveclub looks really good. This delay was good for the gamers. #PS4” tweeted Tidux.

Are you guys still excited about DriveClub, that old hype and excitement for the game still there? Tell us in the comment section below.

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