DriveClub PS4 Connectivity Issue Due To “Server Code Having Some Bugs”, Dev Considering Compensation For Early Adopters


Five days have passed since launch of DriveClub and some PlayStation 4 gamers are still experiencing connectivity issue. Game Director Paul Rustchynsky took to Twitter to address fans concerns about the issues and also provide more information regarding things going behind the closed door at Evolution.


Paul admitted that connectivity issue that has plagued DriveClub since launch is “proving to be a challenging issue to address” however engineers at Evolution are working all weekend to fix it and they are making progress.

“We have been working all weekend & we are making progress but its proving to be a challenging issue to address.

We’ve got the team working extremely hard trying to address the problems, we understand just how serious this is.”

In addition to this, Paul stated that Evolution are considering all options to compensate early adopters of DriveClub for connectivity issues.

“We’re considering all of our options right now.”

When asked what exactly is the reason behind this nasty connectivity issue? Paul replied that its “purely down to the server code having some bugs”

“We’ve got no limits to the amount of servers or the quality of hardware, its purely down to the server code having some bugs.”

Sadly, Paul also stated that currently he has no ETA on DriveClub PlayStation Plus free edition.