DriveClub PS4 Patch 1.04 Live Now, Improves Multiplayer To Reduce Sever Load, Fixes Bugs And More


Evolution Studios has just released a brand new patch 1.04 for their racing title, DriveClub. As per the details provided in the changelog, this latest patch comes with some massive improvements to the multiplayer portion of the game and fixes handful of bugs.


You can check out three lines of official changelog of DriveClub Patch 1.04 below:

  • Implements several game-side multiplayer improvements to reduce server load.
  • Fixes scheduled events from occasionally disappearing from the event browser in multiplayer.
  • Fixes incorrect target times/scires from appearing in Time Trial and Drift Events.

Evolution Studios are making improvements to DriveClub multiplayer portion to reduce server load however they are still maintaining a silence on when free PlayStation Plus free edition of DriveClub will launch. It was initially scheduled to launch alongside full retail version but was delayed due to connectivity and server issue.

Ever since delay announcement, no new update has been issued but Game Director Paul Rustchynsky did specifiy that they are looking into offering compensation to early adopters of DriveClub.