“DriveClub Server Performance Continues To Improve” says Dev, But No Mention Of Free PS Plus Edition


DriveClub launched on PlayStation 4 last week, but it wasn’t a smooth one as expected by everyone of us. Players faced nasty connectivity and server issue. Game Director Paul Rustchynsky was forced to apologize and announced that Evolution Studios are considering “Compensation” package for early adopters of DriveClub.


Via DriveClub Facebook Page, Evolution Studios has issued a new update on the situation stating that server performance are getting better day by day and more players are able to connect and play online.

Sadly for players there was no update provided by Evolution Studios on free PlayStation Plus Edition. You can read the New DriveClub Update/Press Statement from Evolution below.

After more successful upgrades and updates to the servers today, performance continues to improve and more of you will be able to play online together.

We’re still working, and will be around the clock, to keep improving social connectivity and online play, and we are pleased to say we have also added in friendly leaderboards now.

We will have info about more updates to the game and the servers soon. In the mean time, while this work continues, we are also paying attention to all of the feedback and comments you’re sharing with us too – so please keep sharing so that we can keep improving the game and giving you more to play for.