DriveClub Sold 1 Million Units In First Week, Outsold Forza Horizon 2 By 2:1 Margin, PS4 Beats Xbox One 5:1

According to reports coming out from Insiderp, DriveClub on PlayStation 4 sold over ONE Million units within a week of its launch. The site reports that the most surprising part of DriveClub was digital sales figure, over 70% of game’s sales came via digital transactions and over 70% of game’s sale came from Europe.


In addition to this, during DriveClub’s launch week (as of October 12), PlayStation 4 outsold Xbox One by a massive margin of 5:1 in Europe. PlayStation 4 managed to sold 96,000 units (around 16% sales came from DriveClub Bundle), whereas Xbox One only sold 19,700 units.

In comparison to Forza Horizon 2 Xbox One launch week sales, DriveClub beats it by a margin of 3:1 worldwide. The full breakdown Forza Horizon 2 and DriveClub Worldwide sales as of October 12 are listed below.

  • Forza Horizon 2: 489,000 Units
  • DriveClub: 1 Million Units.

These are not the official figures so we advice readers to take it with massive grain of salt and consider it as rumor, but insiderp has been pretty accurate with their previous sales figure report of PlayStation 4.